After 3.5 years - Inside 44 is officialy over and sent to Spiridon Gianakis for design layout.

We have finally one sentence pitch line

"A diabetic man’s brush with death following a crash brings him face-to-face with his own spirituality, which may hold the key to saving the universe."

There will be couple of more months of adjusting stuff other stuff - but the book is done.

In meantime as kickstarter is approaching - i decided to create 3d printed toys with campaign and car is going to be one of them.

Inside 44 started with R1 car - so it will also finish with it.

My design of car was retopopoed and polished by Kaloyan Vasilev. He did great job at making it 3D printable.

Also does it come in black ? After 3.5 years - yes it does :)