MOSES Skyscraper


A competition entry for the Evolo 2013 by a team consisting of Vuk Djordjevic, Darko Darmar Markovic, Milos Vlastic and Milos Jovanovic. This project was rewarded the honorable mention award from the Evolo 2013 jury.

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Moses is a decentralized, self-sustaining city unit, populated by approximately 25,000 inhabitants, which offers the transition of men from land to sea, so that the land could be used for food production and the Earth could start its process of self-regeneration from the negative human impact. It functions independently as a city-unit, as well as a cluster of units, which share information, energy, and goods.
Each city-unit is placed on the intersection of perpendicular traffic lanes, which form the grid that serves as a connection between cities and land through a network of ultra fast trains.
Moses takes maximum advantage of its offshore location to produce renewable energy by two main systems. It consists of two structures that can rotate independently to utilize wind and water flow energy.

TYPE: Competition work

DESIGN: Vuk Djordjevic, Darko Darmar Markovic, Milos Vlastic, Milos Jovanovic


2014 Jacques Roguire Finalist top 4
2013 Evolo Finalist - top 8