Tesla Rechrage Drone / Tesla Platform

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Hi all,

This is PERSONAL WORK, it wasn't done under Tesla (C).

After IFCC, i got really pumped and needed to design something outside my clients work and a book project.

As a Serbian i am a big fan of a famous Nikola Tesla, who was Serbian. Beside him one of my modern generation idols is Elon Musk, which has done some incredible stuff in recent years.

I decided to combine my admiration for both of these people in one single project.

Tesla Drone is a near future concept, which can charge Tesla cars in motion.
I think Tesla cars, and public transport can benefit from this - because charging would be done in motion without stopping.

Elon Musk is a big fan of Overwatch - which made me make a design a bit more complex and in Overwatch manner as a near future Tesla concept.