Meta Randoman Gaming chair by DARMAR

META | RANDOMAN chair is designed for the gaming and VR ( Virtual reality ) future that has already started.

It has some unique features that make this chair uniquely and creatively designed.

The first thing that you will notice, that it has shock absorbers, that help users in moments of movement or anger issues, the chair adapts and lowers the user.

The chair is designed to have fully sound-canceling without having headphones, in the circle of 1m around the user. 
Vr goggles are fully integrated with the chair, which makes them more comfortable to wear, and they are supported with a Bendable pipe that follows users' head movements.

Behind it has a cooling fan and a display on which either you can see the VR world in which the user is - or spectate match in a gaming place. 
Due to people spending too much time on gaming/VR chairs - we decided to implement
small medic pack- that helps users in need of emergency.

The pack is filled with only basic  things, that can help until an ambulance comes

META is already present, Vr chairs are the future.