I have been fighting lately not to post anything from Inside 44 - but i think its time to do small tease.

2017 in story arc i designed RENESS station. It is a station between Moon and Mars where Racers, Sports people and Army works out. Reason why they go there - is because gravity is the best for that kind of workouts in whole universe - and it helps them establish better understanding of their bodies and kinetics.

This is one of the scenes - where main character is going for a workout in "Force Cocun", so he can learn all the tricks. This Cocuns make these kinetic powers work even better with special propulsion energy system.

All the best sports and army human went trough this training.

I am teasing so you understand there is ~70 scenes like this in the book that tell the storyline + many other stuff that you would never expect me to design/draw.

Cocun is 3d, and i am 3D printing it as we speak - many more designs and scenes are in the book.
Hope you like it.