Today was a premiere of the Music video
Coldplay - Higher power

At the start of the year, i had the pleasure to be invited by Mathematic to design Mechanical dogs on the new Coldplay video.
I was ecstatic when I heard that I decided to work with three clients at once just to do this for Coldplay that i love as a band.

They provided a design of another designer, that was redesigned by me to fit this world and style of Coldplay.

At that moment I didn`t know the name of the song or anything about it except that I need to design dogs.
Turns out its for the Music hit

Higher Power.

Mathematic did incredible work, it is visually beautiful and full of energy as the Higher power soundtrack is.

I am beyond happy with this, and still, need to process that Darmar got a chance to be a small part of the Coldplay music.