I wanted to make this post since, after posting some scenes from INSIDE44 - i got a lot of messages.

1. Since when do i know to do illustrations/scenes and why i didn`t show them before?

Honestly, I don`t know the answer to this question. It just happened spontaneously while i was practicing and developing my skills. However it is a heavy 3D overpaint - and Inside44 is 70% done in 3D which means posing models and rendering them makes all of this much easier/faster.

The reason why I didn`t show them is that I thought they are very bad compared to my design work. Which turns out - I was very wrong. People are sending me that they look very energetic and colorful - that style is very fresh.

For me, i was afraid that they are not good and didn`t want to show them. I think they are this energetic because you can see my personality on them - I just paint and don`t constrict myself with the functionality of design and "tightness" of surfaces.

Thank you for your kind words. You showed me I have decided well to post them and to finish all scenes from inside44 so they tell a story.

2. Does Inside44 have only racing since that is what i post.

NO. I am hiding a lot of stuff and not showing it. Its a complex universe with a massive story to tell. Universe has more than 46 important characters and not to speak about 8 races , 12 planets etc.

Here i am posting now one of the scenes that is like an intro story that prepares the reader for what is going to happen. It tells the history of MARS and Earth war - and the development of the main character.

The story catches 15 years after this moment.

3. Where do I get imagination from?

Easy - My life/reading/watching a lot of stuff.

I had a very unique life so far with a lot of ups and downs. Everything you see in Inside44 has happened in my life. Maybe people don`t have scifi armor and stuff like that - but its literally like my personal timeline of life.

Combined with imagination, i changed characters and adapted them to be in a sci-fi world.
The mars-Earth conflict was inspired by the Yugoslavian war / Racing by my attempt on car design in Italy

4. What do i plan to do with INSIDE44?

I plan to do 3 books. Can`t describe again reasons why - but to cut story short.

INSIDE 44 - Characters

all 3 around 200 pages

which means 600 pages.

Kickstarter is happening this year for sure, there is no question/stop anymore.

Thank you,